St Lucie County Republicans win 11 of 12 races in General Election 2022!

The St. Lucie County Commission Was Flipped to a Republican Majority!


Linda Bartz Campaign Kick-Off

Join Linda Bartz, County Commissioner for District 3 at her campaign kick-off at: Gator Trace Country Club 5:30 pm- 7 pm rsvp at:

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Gator Trace Country Club, 4302 Gator Trace Dr
Fort Pierce, FL 34981 United States
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St Lucie County T.E.A. Party Monthly Meeting

Join the St Lucie County T.E.A. Party for their Legislative Update with: Senator Erin Grall Rep Toby Overdorf Rep Dana Trabulsy

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St. James the Apostle Orthodox Church Church Hall, 2201 SE Airoso Blvd
Port St. Lucie, FL 34984 United States
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Republican Club of St Lucie Monthly Meeting

Calling all patriots, families and everyone who loves freedom to join us to the newly activated Republican Club of Saint Lucie County for the next event on June 7th. The main speaker will be candidate for Sheriff, Richard R. del Toro Jr.  Richard R. Del Toro, Jr., has over 22 years of law enforcement experience […]

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Santa Lucia River Club, 3325 Ballantrae Blvd
Port St Lucie, FL 34952 United States
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Republican Party Official Member Meeting – Guests Welcome

Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month at St Lucie Trails Golf Club. Meeting is 6-7 pm followed by dinner and social time downstairs at the Lakeview Bar & Grill Doors open at 5:15 pm for check-in. Come see what great plans we have and be a part of the change!

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St. Lucie Trails Golf Club, 951 SW Country Club Dr
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986 United States
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The Republican Party of St Lucie County Does Not Endorse One Republican Over Another in Contested Races. All are welcome to add their campaign events.

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Welcome from Chairman Kenny Nail

We’re so glad to have you here! You are visiting a passionate active group which supports conservative Republican ideals and has boots-on-the-ground plans to implement them. The Republican Party of St Lucie County believes in the Constitution in its original intent, and, as such, works to find, promote and get elected individuals who best represent our party’s platform and values.

Many projects have been carried out in the past four years to insure success for our party’s candidates. Hundreds of volunteers have worked tirelessly, achieving more success for Republican candidates in our traditionally blue county than ever before.

There are many exciting opportunities to serve, and we hope you have come to roll up your sleeves and get to work with a great team of individuals who see value in this grassroots movement to return our Constitutional Republic back to what our forefathers intended it to be.

Thank you again for visiting the Republican Party of Saint Lucie County. We trust you enjoyed your time with us and will consider further involvement in the many busy committees working for the purpose of getting Republicans successfully elected.


Kenny Nail, Chairman

Republican Party of St. Lucie County

Chairman Kenny Nail



Economic Policy

Republicans believe in sound economic policy with little government restriction and low taxes.

We are fighting to elect leaders who reject socialism, reduce taxes, and support pro-business economic policies.

Capitalism is the cornerstone of freedom propelling more people out of poverty than any other means.




More Jobs Equal More Opportunity

St. Lucie County residents will always benefit from expanding business and opportunity

By electing Republican leaders, we can lower taxes and make St. Lucie more attractive to new business.


We are Pro-Life

We believe that every life is sacred and should be protected, especially the unborn.

Children are America's future generations and leaders, who are also the most vulnerable.


Improving Businesses and Working to Reduce Taxes

Fighting to elect fiscally responsible Republican leaders who will reduce taxes, reduce regulation, and support business.

The St. Lucie GOP supports the America First Agenda with keeping our production and workforce on America soil.

Promoting Capitalism and Entrepreneurship through hard work and self reliance.


Making Government Accountable

The St. Lucie County GOP is following through on our promise to improve election integrity and make the Government accountable.

We are currently passing legislation to improve election transparency and integrity.

The St. Lucie GOP has created a Government Watchdog Committee to hold our local government accountable.


Expanding School Choice

The St. Lucie GOP supports expanding school choice so every parent has a voice in their children’s education.

We also support teaching American Values and why our constitution makes America the best country on the planet.



The St. Lucie GOP dominated the Democrats in the 2022 general election with 10,600 voter lead!


Republican Candidates won every race in the 2022 General Election!


We Won St. Lucie for DeSantis and Flipped the County Commission to Republican


a MUST WIN election to Take Back the White House!


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President Donald J. Trump

45th American President Donald Trump

The Republican Party of St. Lucie County Salutes President Donald J. Trump

Thank You President Trump for your hard work, dedication, and putting Americans First. Your numerous achievements and leadership has helped Americans prosper once again and lead the way to new levels of membership within our party.


To elect Republicans at all levels of government.

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