Why be a Republican?

The Better Question is Why Not?

The following articles and videos share the stories and tell the beliefs of real people. People that understand that liberty, freedom, and opportunity are the foundation of what makes America great, and that those three things that make America unique are best protected and projected through the Republican Party.  

Republican Values are American Values.

A Time for Choosing - 50 Years Later

Decades later a review of Reagan's memorable Time for Choosing speech from 1964 in support of Barry Goldwater. Sixteen years later, Reagan, a former Democrat turned Republican, won the presidency in 1980 in a landslide victory.

Why I'm a Republican

State Sen. Elbert Guillory, Republican representing the 24th District of Louisiana.

The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative

Thomas Sowell talks about how he went from being a Marxist to being a Conservative after taking his first job in government, and comments on the fundamental differences between conservative and liberal viewpoints and policy.

Milton Friedman - Socialism vs Capitalism

Milton Friedman can express the virtues and benefits of the free market and capitalism better than anyone. Here is one of his more memorable clips.