To elect Republicans at all levels of government.

Alan Winslow

Alan Winslow, Chair of the St Lucie Republican Executive Committee


On this auspicious Inauguration Day, I am reminded of the words of Matt 12:25, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand!” I pray this Nation…our State, our County and our neighborhoods…can come together in Peace and restore the Hope of the Greatest Nation in the history of the World!

I am honored to join you, the hard workers who have built the Republican Party of St. Lucie County.

I hope all of you will join me in growing the Republican Party in St. Lucie County. I would appreciate your joining our REC, giving us as much or as little time as you can spare, but most important is your visible endorsement of our Party and the principles for which we stand. Even if you choose not to formally join your REC, know that you are welcome to join our meetings,; and I personally will welcome your advice, your observations, and your encouragement.

Alan Winslow
Chair St Lucie County
Republican Executive Committee

January 20, 2017


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